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Select Annotated Bibliography

Of the Reformation

R S Clark, D.Phil.,

Associate Professor of Church History
Westminster Theological Seminary in California

(rev. Feb. 2000)

©R. S. Clark, 2000

1. Standard References

Bauman, M., M. Klauber, ed., Historians of the Christian Tradition (Nashville, 1995).
Long needed review of the major Christian historians. Who tells the story and why is told is almost as important as what they say.

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Outstanding introduction to the social history of Europe before and during the Reformation.

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Outstanding! The only one of its kind.

Douglas, J.D., ed., New International Dictionary of the Christian Church (Grand Rapids,1978).
A reliable supplement to the ODCC.

Elwell, W., ed., Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (Grand Rapids, 1984)
Well done and under considerable revision. If you can buy it inexpensively, get it.

Elwell, W., ed., Handbook of Evangelical Theologians (Grand Rapids, 1993).
Helpful essays on important 20c evangelicals. Some of the essays are not as objective as they might have been.

Ferguson, S. New International Dictionary of Theology (Downers Grove, 1988)
Generally well done.

Hastings, J. ed., The Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, 13 vol. (New York, 1908-28)
A standard 19c reference. Obviously dated but not a bad place to begin, especially in historical matters.

Hillerbrand, H., ed., The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation (Oxford, 1996).
An important but widely flawed reference. It must be used, but with discretion.

Höfer, J., ed., Lexikon für Theolgie unk Kirche, 10 vol. (Freiburg, 1957-67).
Standard German theological and historical reference.

Houldon, Leslie, P. Byrne, Companion Encyclopedia of Theology (London, 1995).
A new, mostly liberal, English review of the state of the theological loci.

Kepple, R. Reference Works for Theological Research (Lanham, MD, 1981).
This is a crucial theological bibliography. You should buy the latest edition of this book and learn to use it. It will save you a great deal of time and effort and get you oriented to the basic reference literature. To begin an essay you should always begin with the reference works. The first reference work you use should be this one.

Krause, G. and Gerhard Müller, ed., Theologische Realencyclopädie, (Berlin, 1977-).
Standard German reference.

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Concise, updated version of Shaff-Herzogg.

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The only thing of its kind, generally well done though the omissions are surprising. Well worth owning.

Schaff, P., ed., The Schaff-Herzogg Encyclopdia of Religious Knowledge, 13 vol. (New York, 1908-12).
Standard 19c reference. Obviously dated but still servicable for historical questions particularly.

The New Catholic Encyclopedia (New York, 1967-78).
Generally of high quality. Well worth consulting.

2. Theology

2.1. Dogmatic and Systematic Theologies

2.1.1. Patristic

Schaff, P. et al., The Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers, 32 vol. (Edinburgh, 1884-).

2.1.2. Medieval

Aquinas, Thomas. Summa theologiae, 61 vol. [Blackfriars E.T.] (Cambridge, 1964-1981).

—— Summa Theologica, 5 vol. (Westminster, MD [repr.] 1981).

Ockham, William. Quodlibetal Questions (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999).

2.1.3. Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Protestants

Ames, William The Marrow of Theology, trans. John Dykstra Eusden (Durham, NC, 1983).
The Medulla Theologiae is a fair representative of English and Dutch Puritan theology in the first half of the 17c.

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Bucanus, William. Institutions of the Christian Religion. trans. R. Hill. (London, 1606).

Calvin, John. Institutes of the Christian Religion.
Available chiefly in three English editions. The Battles’ translation published in the LCC series is the standard critical edition. The older Beveridge edition is available on-line at: http://ccel.wheaton.edu/calvin/institutes/icr1.txt. The Allen edition is also serviceable. The Battles’ trans. of the 1536 edn was published in English by Eerdmans in 1986. The Latin text of the Institutes is available in the Opera Selecta, 5 vol. ed. Peter Barth and W. Niesel (Munich, 1926-62) and in the Corpus Reformatorum, ed. C.G. Bretschneider. 101 vol. (Halle, 1834-1959) as well as in the Tholuck edn (Edinburgh, 1874). His commentaries are widely available in English translation in two editions.

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The German edn with the Latin texts is: Die Dogmatik der evangelisch-reformirten Kirche. Elberfeld, 1861.

Johnson, W.S. and J.H. Leith, ed., Reformed Reader: A Sourcebook in Christian Theology, vol.1. (Louisville, 1993). A collection of passages from various Reformed theologians (a few decidedly non-Reformed theologians!) arranged under the loci.

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Luther, Martin. Works. 55 vol. trans. and ed. J. Pelikan and H.T. Lehmann (Philadelphia and St. Louis, 1955-). The German and Latin texts are available in Luthers Werke Kritische Gesamtausgabe (Weimar, 1883-). There is also a six volume edition of Luther’s works called the ‘Philadelphia edition’.

-- Bondage of the Will trans. Packer and Johnston (Cambridge, 1973)

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Melanchthon, Philip. Loci Communes
The Loci Communes were the first Protestant dogmatics and crucially important for that reason alone. The 1521 edn particularly represents a brilliant distillation of Luther’s theology. Exists in three English editions. The 1521 edn. is found the the Library of Christian Classics edition, Melanchthon and Bucer, and the 1543 edn is published by Concordia Publishing House. The 1555 edn is available in Melanchton on Christian Doctrine. Loci Communes 1555. ed. Clyde L. Manschreck (Oxford, 1965).

-- Commentary on Romans. trans. Fred Kramer (St. Louis : Concordia, 1992).
Regarded by Theodore Beza as the premiere Protestant commentary on Romans. All the Protestant theologians read and were influenced by it.

Muller, R.A., Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics 2 vol. (Grand Rapids, 1987-).
Muller is the world’s leading interpreter of Protestant scholasticism. This an outstanding introduction to the Reformed tradition. Vol. 3 is forthcoming. Easily the best way to gain access our Reformed tradition.

Olevian, A Firm Foundation, trans. and ed., L. Bierma (Grand Rapids, 1995).
A significant student of Calvin and influential transmitter of German Calvinism. This was his first commentary on the creed and serves as a guide to the Heidelberg Catechism (1563).

Perkins, William. The Work of William Perkins (Oxfon, 1970)

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Ursinus, Zacharias. Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism. trans. and ed., G. Willard (Philipsburg, 1985). The primary author of the Heidelberg Catechism and of the more important of the early orthodox Reformed theologians. A good example of early Reformed scholasticism.

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2.2. Historical Theologies

Berkhof, L., Reformed Dogmatics (Grand Rapids, 1937).
Solid introduction, if dated, to the basic issues in historical theology.

Bradley, James E. and R.A. Muller, Church History: An Introduction to Research, Reference Works and Methods (Grand Rapids, 1995).

Bromiley, G., Historical Theology: An Introduction (Grand Rapids, 1978).
Generally dependable, modern, thorough historical theology.

Cunningham, William. Historical Theology, 2 vol (1862. Edinburgh, repr. 1979)
Well known Scots Calvinist. One of the more generally reliable historical theologies to emerge from the 19c. Still, it must be read with caution and compared with more contemporary scholarship.

Farmer, C. The Gospel of John in the Sixteenth Century (OUP, 1997).
Outstanding example of a history of exegesis.

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Fair minded and thoughtful Lutheran review of the history of doctrine.

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3. Humanism

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4. Reformation Histories

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5. Reformation Studies

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6. Luther and Lutheranism

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7. Tyndale Studies

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8. Melanchthon Studies

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9. Calvin and Calvinism

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If you buy only one book this year, buy this one.

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Not the strongest set of authors/editors. The latter two are not to be trusted.

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