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Rev. Keith Davis

Last Updated: January 10, 2002

Keith Davis is Pastor of Hills United Reformed Church in Hills, MN. He is a graduate of Mid-America Reformed Seminary (1998), and has been a minister at Hills URC since September of 1998. Keith and his wife (Laura) and their 6 children are originally from the Chicagoland area, but they absolutely enjoy the life to which the Lord has called them in their small Minnesota town. Hills URC is a blossoming church. It's made up of 26 families (many of whom are young and energetic), who hail from Sioux Falls, SD, Lester, Iowa, and Hills, MN. If you want to contact Pastor Davis, you may call him at his office (507) 962-3254, or just send him an E-mail at [email protected].

Sermon Index

Matthew 28: 1-15;† Text: 11-15       The Resurrection Cover-up

John 20:19-31      A Question of Credibility

Psalm 46      We Will Not Fear! (This meditation was delivered on Sept. 12, 2001,
the evening after the terrorist attack on World Trade Center and Pentagon.)

Romans 8: 18-39      God Promises Us a Happy New Year (This sermon was preached on the first Lordís Day of the New Year, January 6, the year of our Lord 2002.)


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