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Dr. K. Deddens
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A Brief Biography

Born in 1924, Dr. Karel Deddens entered the ministry of the word in 1951 when he was ordained as pastor of the Reformed Church at Hoek, the Netherlands. He accepted a call to the church at Leerdam in 1956 and to Amersfoort in 1961. He then left for the mission fields of Curacao (the Netherlands Antilles), to which he had been called by the sending church at Rijnsburg, where he remained till 1970. After serving the church at Rijnsburg as her local pastor till 1974, he accepted the call from the congregation at Groningen, which he served till 1984.

The Canadian Reformed Churches then called him to the office of Professor of Diaconiology and Ecclesiology at their Theological College in Hamilton, Ontario. He retired from this position in 1990 and returned to the Netherlands.

A prolific author, Dr. Deddens wrote extensively in Dutch and English.

Now [1999] at 75 years of age, his health is in decline and permission to publish these and other articles was arranged and authorized by a family member who conveyed Dr. Deddens' best wishes for SpindleWorks and expressed his father's continuing interest for the world-wide proclamation of the Gospel, to which he devoted so much of his life and energies.

I would like to thank Dr. Deddens for this and future contributions and pray that he may continue to experience, "God's love and mercy through the reading and the hearing of His Word, and that his response may ever be, through the song and sacrifice and prayer of his heart, that indeed everything does point to Him, to whom belongs all honour and glory." (Adapted from the final paragraph in "Where Everything Points To Him", by Dr.K.Deddens, page 168, Inheritance Publications, 1993.)

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