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As God Himself is most wise, unchangeable, all-knowing and almighty, so His election can neither be undone and redone, nor changed, revoked, or annulled; neither can the elect be cast away,1 nor their number be diminished.2

1 Jn 6:37.

2 Jn 10:28.



The elect in due time, though in various stages and in different measure, are made certain of this their eternal and unchangeable election to salvation. They attain this assurance, however, not by inquisitively prying into the hidden and deep things of God,1 but by observing in themselves,2 with spiritual joy and holy delight, the unfailing fruits of election pointed out in the Word of God – such as a true faith in Christ, a childlike fear of God, a godly sorrow for their sins,3 and a hunger and thirst for righteousness.4

1 Deut 29:29;1 Cor 2:10-11.