Am I to be saved?

(A theme from Jeremiah 8-10)


Summer went, now Winter waits. Dead lies the fruit of my estate.

My harvest failed, the rain too late. Delayed by You to whom I prayed. Will I, as yet, be saved?


Friends and family are dead, cattle poisoned, birds have fled. I toss and turn upon my bed. Is there no Balm in Gilead? How will I now be saved?


Lying prophets, lying priests,

Lure me on with their deceits, preaching profits, preaching peace, as armies pillage in the East. Thus I may not be saved.


The rich live high, Your poor lie low. Why do so many blessings go to hypocrites who do not know You, their religion but a show? Are they now to be saved?


Snakes and vipers everywhere. Where is my Rock in my despair?

My King, my Lord, are You still there, do You perhaps no longer care? Am I still to be saved?


Jackals haunt Jerusalem,

its ruins weep and wail for them, who feigned a worship You condemn, whose bodies lie in graves unkempt. Will anyone be saved?


Scarecrows rule the Promised Land, idols cut by human hands.

Sightless, speechless, there they stand, worthless, witless, fraudulent. Must I by them be saved?


Jacob's Portion, rise and keep

Your promise to this wayward sheep. My life is ruined, my wounds are deep. I ask, before I enter sleep, Am I still to be saved?


My Lord and Saviour by Your might Put all my enemies to flight. Remove the dark, return the light, restore me to my Covenant rights. By You I have been saved!


J.J.Kuntz June 2002