Am I to be saved?

(A theme from Jeremiah 8-10)

Summer went, now Winter waits.
Dead lies the fruit of my estate.
My harvest failed, the rain too late.
Delayed by You to whom I prayed.
Will I, as yet, be saved?

Friends and family are dead,
cattle poisoned, birds have fled.
I toss and turn upon my bed.
Is there no Balm in Gilead?
How will I now be saved?

Lying prophets, lying priests,
Lure me on with their deceits,
preaching profits, preaching peace,
as armies pillage in the East.
Thus I may not be saved.

The rich live high, Your poor lie low.
Why do so many blessings go
to hypocrites who do not know
You, their religion but a show?
Are they now to be saved?

Snakes and vipers everywhere.
Where is my Rock in my despair?
My King, my Lord, are You still there,
do You perhaps no longer care?
Am I still to be saved?

Jackals haunt Jerusalem,
its ruins weep and wail for them,
who feigned a worship You condemn,
whose bodies lie in graves unkempt.
Will anyone be saved?

Scarecrows rule the Promised Land,
idols cut by human hands.
Sightless, speechless, there they stand,
worthless, witless, fraudulent.
Must I by them be saved?

Jacob's Portion, rise and keep
Your promise to this wayward sheep.
My life is ruined, my wounds are deep.
I ask, before I enter sleep,
Am I still to be saved?

My Lord and Saviour by Your might
Put all my enemies to flight.
Remove the dark, return the light,
restore me to my Covenant rights.
By You I have been saved!

June 2002

John (Hans) Kuntz (1937-2003)

John (Hans) Kuntz (1937-2003)

John (Hans) Kuntz (1937-2003)

On Saturday September 6, 2003 the Lord took unto himself J.J.Kuntz after a two year struggle with cancer.

The poem "Am I to be saved?" was written just shortly after he had been diagnosed with this terminal illness and was originally published in Christian Renewal Aug 12, 2003

The pictures above were taken in the summer of 2003 during a family visit at his home in Cambridge.

Psalm 116

I love the LORD, the fount of life and grace; He heard my voice, my cry and supplication, Inclined His ear, gave strength and consolation; In life, in death, my heart will seek His face.


Biography of John (Hans) Kuntz (1937-2003)

Jacobus Johannes Kuntz was born on August 31, 1937 in The Netherlands. He was the second youngest child of a family of eight children. His father was a Principal of a Christian School in a village near Amsterdam. After his primary and secondary school education he found employment in the printing trade.

When John was 16 he immigrated to Canada and initially lived with the family of his brother and sister-in-law (Fred and Ina) in Hamilton, Ont. until his parents came to Canada the year after. Soon after his arrival in Canada he started to work for a Hamilton printing company. However his employment was cut short by a serious aniline poisoning and he was told by the doctors that he should not further pursue his career in the printing industry.

He then found employment at the Dofasco Company in Hamilton. Eventually he got a position in power management. Again he had a serious physical setback which hampered him in his work After a back operation he worked for some time in training management. About 7 years ago John took early retirement.

On October 7, 1960 he married Alice Selders. Together they had four children: Randall John (1961), Jennifer Joy (1964), Paul Andrew (1969) and Trevor Cornell (1975). The Lord blessed them with 6 grandchildren. From the time of his arrival in Canada he was a member of Cornerstone Canadian Reformed Church in Hamilton He was active in church work and in Christian education. Later John & Alice moved to Cambridge, where they became members of Zion United Reformed Church in Sheffield.

John was an avid and award winning gardener, he loved flowers and plants. He was also a prolific writer on a great variety of subjects. His interests were many and he had a great knowledge of the issues he wrote about. Many of his articles were published in Christian Renewal as well as his poetry which spoke of a deep insight in life and of his faith in Jesus Christ. Early in 2002, John was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. Initially there was hope that he could be cured, but the illness steadily progressed throughout his body. Now he has entered into God's glory and is free from all earthly encumbrances.

John's parents went to be with the Lord long before him, and are buried in Hamilton. Of his seven siblings, his sister Jacoba Johanna (Hannie) died in infancy, less than a year before John was born. The remaining six are living in various parts of The Netherlands and Canada. John's illness caused the contact between the siblings to intense during the months leading up to the day the Lord took him home. Glory be to the Lord!.