Five articles on dramatizing biblical stories by Rev.G.van Rongen, taken with permission from Clarion Vol.24, No.22, Year End, Vol.25. No's 1-6 (1975-1976).

Introduction and Biography 2. Drama and Church 4. Drama and these Modern Days
1. Drama and Preaching 3. Drama and School 5. Drama and Holy Scripture


 Rev. G. Van Rongen was born on May 16, 1918 in the Netherlands and served as pastor to Reformed congregations in the Netherlands, Australia and the USA:
Waardhuizen NL, 1944; 
Zwijndrecht NL, 1948; 
Leyden NL, 1952; 
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, 1955;  
Grand Rapids MI - USA 1973.
Steenwijk NL 1977
Since his retirement in 1983 as minister-emeritus of the Reformed Church at Steenwijk NL, he has lived in Western Australia. These articles were written when he ministered the American Reformed Church of Grand Rapids (1973-1977).
When contacted for permission to re-publish these articles on the Internet, Rev. Van Rongen wrote:
'It is long ago that I wrote these "drama articles", inspired by the thesis of a former member of the Leyden congregation, Dr. Z. Rittersma. The literature quoted or referred to is quite old, and this may be a disadvantage - although my evaluation still stands.'
When SpindleWorks re-publishes articles which, as in this case, are nearly a quarter of a century old, we make an attempt to contact the authors, if possible, to make sure that they have no objections and ask them if they want to make editorial changes and improvements. Rev. Van Rongen took this opportunity to introduce some minor corrections and cosmetic improvements over the original articles which first appeared in Clarion.
We welcome Rev. Van Rongen to this web site and we expect that our visitors will come to share our hope that more of his scholarly contributions be added to our archives.

November 1999