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Sharing Reformed Christian Resources Around The World

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SpindleWorks Reformed Audio"It took 25 years to complete the Genevan Psalter. The Reformation took hold of Geneva in 1536. And within a year the Genevans felt an urgent need to provide the congregation with songs of praise appropriate for use in worship services. By 1562 the reformed church of Geneva had its complete Psalter which included rhymings of the 150 psalms plus a number of scriptural hymns and canticles." (More)



No attempt has been made to ensure that all or even the first verses are included in any of the congregational singing listed above. We hope to eventually have a complete set of musical 'snap shots' available as time progresses and as better samples become available they will replace the poorer existing samples.

These recordings are quite plain, and only become extraordinary by Grace. They are intended to be 'snap shots', of typical Sunday congregational singing from the 'Book of Praise'. (SpindleWorks)